Thursday, May 20, 2010

From Scrunchies to Bobby Pins

So this morning as im pinning my swoopy bangs to the side with a bobby pin so i can effectively put on mascara i couldnt help but think about how hair accessories have evolved. I grew up in the 90's so before i went to bed i would take a bath and wait patiently while my mother SPONGE rolled my hair. You know the ones... the little baby pink sponges with the plastic clips. You didnt get a good nights sleep, you woke up with a crick in your neck, but by golly you had rockin' curls for school pictures. If it wasnt sponge rollers it was the hot rollers... the TINY ones. My poor ears were singed from the metal clips and i had tissue stuffed all around my head the prevent further 2nd degree burns. After removind the rollers, my bangs were carefully teased and the upper half of my hair was pulled back in a "half pony tail." It was garnished with a clip in bow and sprayed to death with Aqua Net. If if was a lazy hair day... my long hair that almost reached my tush was swept over in a side pony tail and secured with a colorful scrunchie that matched my outfit (oversized shirt with bright color biking shorts) no doubt.

As i got into middle school the scrunchies and rollers when to the way side as we started going to the Walmart fabric area to buy the perfect ribbons. Silky ribbons, ribbed ribbons, multi colored ribbons... all cut with a V at the end so they wouldnt fray. These topped all pony tails and ended french braids. If you wore pig tails you could wear a white one on one side and a blue one on the left to match your cheer uniform for the big football game. Cuz let me tell you that IS school spirit.

Then into High School... I went through several fads in high school. I was one of the few of my friends who still sported bangs. They werent fluffy, and yes they were thinner than elementary, but let me tell you they had a perfect curl and i thought my five head wouldnt look good if i grew them out. Once sophomore year rolled around i started to grow those suckers out. This is were the snap clip came in. It was silver, or black and you slid it around whatever needed pinned down and smashed it against your head. This was also about the time that chunky highlights were in... dont get me started on color trends.

By the time i got in college i was bangless, one solid color (dark brown), and was only using the ONE rubber band i constantly keep around my wrist and bobby pins.

OH BOBBY PINS!!!! how i love thee!!! The keep all hair in place while being discrete and classy... pin your bangs back with a poof and an X out of bobby pins... you have just saved yourself from a bad hair day. I once thought they were only good for PROM do's. Boy was i mistaken.

Since cutting my hair i do use more headbands since they have come back and the stretchy headbands i couldnt live without while doing kickboxing :) I like this era of simplicity with hair accessories and hope it stays around for a while....

If not i guess i do have ONE scrunchie left in the back of my drawer.... HEY you know you do too!!!


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  1. What I wanna know is where do ALLL My bobby pins go??? I swear I am constantly looking for one! And no - do not bring back the scrunchi. I would hate to have to defriend you. :)