Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunglasses Steal!!!

One more reason to LOVE the LC Lauren Conrad collection for Kohl's. Get super cute Tom Ford inspired sunglasses now on sale for $16.99... can you tell the difference??
LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's (Vented Crisscross butterfly sunglasses on sale $16.99)

Tom Ford (Miranda TF130 retail $329)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ferg's Fashion for Fall

The Houston weather has officially cooled down and we are able to open our windows at night!!! Yippee!!
Most people start thinking of pumpkin pie and falling leaves.
But me? I think of BOOTS!!!

These are just a few fall trends i have "fall"en in love with ;)

Vintage (lace, chiffon, sequins), stripes, faux fur, long wrap cardigans, riding boots, booties, lace-ups, and military chic!!

Pins and Needles Asymmetrical blouse (Urban Outfitters)
BGD 3/4 Sleeve Striped Tunic (Urban Oufitters)
Ashland Vest (BB Dakota)
Very Light Jersey Cardigan (Splendid)
Antique Flower Necklace (Hive and Honey)

Intyce, Carlsen, Taalis, Carrly (All Steve Madden)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A new appreciation for my career... nurses please read

So for 36-40 hours a week I help bring beautiful little miracles into this world. Yes, I am a labor and delivery nurse, yes i LOVE my job and YES i have had my hand in more vaginas than you can imagine.
My job is exciting, its something new EVERYDAY, and it is very rewarding. Sometimes I dont realize how many people's days Im making better by doing my job. For all involved it is an exciting and monumental day. I forget sometimes when i am leaving at 19:30 dragging my feet and can barely make it to my couch, that i will probably be in many peoples baby books, their memories, and if Im lucky i might see them again when they have another baby. Nurses are one of the most TRUSTED people in the world. We are friends, we are confidants, we are a safe place.
Right now I am on the other side of the spectrum. My very best friend in this world, whom I have known since i was 6 years old, is due tomorrow. She could go into labor at any minute and i have been on edge for weeks. I have made a diaper cake, thrown her a shower, made a diaper wreath for her delivery door, and a homemade baby blanket. I have packed a bag just waiting for the call that she is ready to go. In this situation I dont want to be a nurse, i want to be a friend, a family member. I dont want to watch contraction or fetal heart tones, I dont want to take blood pressures and call doctors. I want to be a spectator, and i want to know that she is in the best hands possible. I am vulnerable, I am not in control of this one, and I am scared shitless!!
Last year my sister had her baby at my hospital. I did not get these feelings. I think it was because she was with nurses i KNEW. Nurses who trained ME. Nurses who i know were capable and trustworthy. She was with a doctor who i had shared amazing deliveries with. She was at what i considered a "safe place."
I am now a spectator. I now have to feel what all family members, friends, and others feel when their loved ones come to deliver at our hospital. I will travel to a hospital i dont know and trust that these nurses would treat my friend as would treat her. It has really made me realize how much FAITH people put in healthcare and other humans everyday. I have grown a huge appreciation for the career that God has led me to. Being a NURSE means... You carry immense responsibility and very little authority. You step into people's lives & make a difference. Some bless you, others curse you. You see people at their worst and best. You see life begin & end. You see people's capacity for love, courage & endurance. I hope that any nurse reading this realizes the lives that we touch each day and how people come to us with their guards down, knowing that we will care for them the best we know how.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


So the search is on for the perfect Romper... i want one that i can dress up or down... send any pics or thoughts my way!!!

From Scrunchies to Bobby Pins

So this morning as im pinning my swoopy bangs to the side with a bobby pin so i can effectively put on mascara i couldnt help but think about how hair accessories have evolved. I grew up in the 90's so before i went to bed i would take a bath and wait patiently while my mother SPONGE rolled my hair. You know the ones... the little baby pink sponges with the plastic clips. You didnt get a good nights sleep, you woke up with a crick in your neck, but by golly you had rockin' curls for school pictures. If it wasnt sponge rollers it was the hot rollers... the TINY ones. My poor ears were singed from the metal clips and i had tissue stuffed all around my head the prevent further 2nd degree burns. After removind the rollers, my bangs were carefully teased and the upper half of my hair was pulled back in a "half pony tail." It was garnished with a clip in bow and sprayed to death with Aqua Net. If if was a lazy hair day... my long hair that almost reached my tush was swept over in a side pony tail and secured with a colorful scrunchie that matched my outfit (oversized shirt with bright color biking shorts) no doubt.

As i got into middle school the scrunchies and rollers when to the way side as we started going to the Walmart fabric area to buy the perfect ribbons. Silky ribbons, ribbed ribbons, multi colored ribbons... all cut with a V at the end so they wouldnt fray. These topped all pony tails and ended french braids. If you wore pig tails you could wear a white one on one side and a blue one on the left to match your cheer uniform for the big football game. Cuz let me tell you that IS school spirit.

Then into High School... I went through several fads in high school. I was one of the few of my friends who still sported bangs. They werent fluffy, and yes they were thinner than elementary, but let me tell you they had a perfect curl and i thought my five head wouldnt look good if i grew them out. Once sophomore year rolled around i started to grow those suckers out. This is were the snap clip came in. It was silver, or black and you slid it around whatever needed pinned down and smashed it against your head. This was also about the time that chunky highlights were in... dont get me started on color trends.

By the time i got in college i was bangless, one solid color (dark brown), and was only using the ONE rubber band i constantly keep around my wrist and bobby pins.

OH BOBBY PINS!!!! how i love thee!!! The keep all hair in place while being discrete and classy... pin your bangs back with a poof and an X out of bobby pins... you have just saved yourself from a bad hair day. I once thought they were only good for PROM do's. Boy was i mistaken.

Since cutting my hair i do use more headbands since they have come back and the stretchy headbands i couldnt live without while doing kickboxing :) I like this era of simplicity with hair accessories and hope it stays around for a while....

If not i guess i do have ONE scrunchie left in the back of my drawer.... HEY you know you do too!!!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dating a Med Student

So my long distance boyfriend of 4 years, Adam, the love of my life, aspires to be a Doctor. In translation: I'm dating a med student. For those of you who are married to doctors, have dated med students, or know med students you completely understand. For those of you who dont im going to fill you in. Unless you were already head over heels in love with someone before they started med school (like me) I would steer clear of white coats unless they already have an MD behind their name. These are 10 ways to deal with dating a med student. enjoy

1)Don't expect to see them. Ever

2)Accept the fact that they will have many affairs..... with their books

3)Support them when they come home after finals, upset because they failed—and gently remind them after they get their well above passing grade how unnecessary the "I'm going to fail out of medical school, the teacher screwed us, and im never going to become a doctor." antics are.

4)Each week or day for that matter, they will have a new self diagnosed illness. There are no second opinions welcome... they MOST CERTAINLY have the illness. Oh and you have one too. Normally your illness will be diagnosed during their psych rotation :)

5) There will be weeks you forget you are dating someone. People will ask "how is ___" and you will think "Oh um, fine! i think?"

6)Romantic date = you going to pick up Pei Wei so you can eat together on the couch during their study break... where you of course are watching Discovery Health: Mystery Diagnosis or House

7)They are expected to know everything from every book about everything medical. They know the 8 syllable word for the tiniest germ on your left toenail that can cause your foot to fall off. They can recite what was on page 174 of the pathophysiology book, where it talked about the patho of type 2 insulin dependent diabetes. But ask them why your head is pounding despite the tylenol you just took? Or which medicine to get for your runny nose in the walmart aisle? THEY HAVE NO CLUE.

8)Dont ever leave the lid off of their highlighter, ultimately letting it dry out.... (not even going to explain the look i got after making this mistake)

9)Remind them the day before your birthday, mothers day, Christmas etc. They "have too much information crammed in their brains to remember anything else!!"

10)finally.... no matter the time they spend with their books, syringes, other med students... dont get jealous....they would rather be with you living a normal life. Stick by them and love them through these crazy 4 years.... because one day.. they WILL have that MD! And marrying a doctor will be way better than dating a med student ;)

peer pressure into blogging

so.... my friend court, or Cflo as i call her introduced me to blogging. Im currently on the phone with her attempting to navigate my way through this site. I am suppose to be studying for ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certification so i can save lives... but instead im blogging? productive :) well i smell my neighbor grilling... so i think im gonna ask if i can throw some meat on there and have him cook my dinner. ill be back to the blogging world soon enough... get ready for my nonsense... if you dont like my posts blame "keeping up with court"