Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dating a Med Student

So my long distance boyfriend of 4 years, Adam, the love of my life, aspires to be a Doctor. In translation: I'm dating a med student. For those of you who are married to doctors, have dated med students, or know med students you completely understand. For those of you who dont im going to fill you in. Unless you were already head over heels in love with someone before they started med school (like me) I would steer clear of white coats unless they already have an MD behind their name. These are 10 ways to deal with dating a med student. enjoy

1)Don't expect to see them. Ever

2)Accept the fact that they will have many affairs..... with their books

3)Support them when they come home after finals, upset because they failed—and gently remind them after they get their well above passing grade how unnecessary the "I'm going to fail out of medical school, the teacher screwed us, and im never going to become a doctor." antics are.

4)Each week or day for that matter, they will have a new self diagnosed illness. There are no second opinions welcome... they MOST CERTAINLY have the illness. Oh and you have one too. Normally your illness will be diagnosed during their psych rotation :)

5) There will be weeks you forget you are dating someone. People will ask "how is ___" and you will think "Oh um, fine! i think?"

6)Romantic date = you going to pick up Pei Wei so you can eat together on the couch during their study break... where you of course are watching Discovery Health: Mystery Diagnosis or House

7)They are expected to know everything from every book about everything medical. They know the 8 syllable word for the tiniest germ on your left toenail that can cause your foot to fall off. They can recite what was on page 174 of the pathophysiology book, where it talked about the patho of type 2 insulin dependent diabetes. But ask them why your head is pounding despite the tylenol you just took? Or which medicine to get for your runny nose in the walmart aisle? THEY HAVE NO CLUE.

8)Dont ever leave the lid off of their highlighter, ultimately letting it dry out.... (not even going to explain the look i got after making this mistake)

9)Remind them the day before your birthday, mothers day, Christmas etc. They "have too much information crammed in their brains to remember anything else!!"

10)finally.... no matter the time they spend with their books, syringes, other med students... dont get jealous....they would rather be with you living a normal life. Stick by them and love them through these crazy 4 years.... because one day.. they WILL have that MD! And marrying a doctor will be way better than dating a med student ;)


  1. lol cute post:) I found ya through court. this makes me laugh im in therapeutic recreation and physiology and anatomy are required courses. My friends and I thought we were going to have a mental breakdown honest to peet! so i give total props to ur bf..cuz i would in no means ever try to become a doctor...ask me about what was the last issue of cosmo and u've got ur girl:) My friends gonna be a doctor and i know its brutal..good on ya for stickin by your man! nice meeting ya (sorta lol) check out my

  2. This was hilarious. I became internet buds with Court years back and she pointed me in your direction! :)

  3. Cute Post! Welcome to the blog world!! Glad Court pressured you in!

  4. You and Adam have made it this far!! And you do it well :) love you!

  5. haha! too cute. Found you through Keeping up with Court. Looking foward to more posts. :)

  6. I know this post is old but I wanted to say that I LOVE IT!!
    S is now a PGY-1 and intern residency year freaking sucks even if he is a doctor - but now we are starting to at least see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have been doing long distance a year and a half and I can't wait until we can finally live together!
    So excited for you guys finally getting to be in the same town!